About SlateWorks and Christina Singh

Christina studied at New York's School of Visual Arts and worked for ten years in graphic arts before moving to the Siskiyou region of Southern Oregon.

We do not usually think of slate as a medium for sculpture, because we have encountered it as roofing or blackboards. Slate sculpture, though never common, has its roots in antiquity, with the earliest surviving example dating from Egypt around 3000 B.C. Works from this era in the Cairo Museum are in as good condition today as when completed.
Slate is a metamorphic rock, originally a sedimentary formation changed by heat and pressure to the re-crystallized form, in which we find it today. Varying in hue from pale jade green to a deep obsidian black, slate is the basis of Christina's stone-work art.

Each carving you see on this site represents an original drawing by Christina and is painstakingly hand-tooled into the naturally flat slabs, captured finally as a three-dimensional design in the timeless beauty of stone.

Slateworks sculptures can be displayed on an easel or by hanging. The weight of each piece is supported by heavy rods that secure the sculpture in back. Prices for these hangers vary. Large slate scenes can be inserted into fireplace fronts, patio walls, and table tops. Masonry workers and cabinet-makers are collaborating artists for these pieces.

Slateworks can supply small and large slates worked in a variety of designs. Small items can be shipped via UPS; larger works will require special arrangements for shipping.


1945 - Born in Luxembourg
1945-1965 - Lived and educated in Europe
1965-1967 - Hunter College-New York City, liberal arts education
1967-1970 - New York School of Visual Arts, M.F.A.
1970 - Became a U.S. Citizen
1970-1975 - Commercial Artist, New York City
1975-2004 - Slate bas-relief sculptor, Takilma, Oregon

My carving blends sculptural beauty with architectural function: from patio furniture inlays to cornerstones, mantle pieces, fireplace inserts, and wall hangings. My work was displayed in galleries around the country between 1983-1991. Currently my slateworks are available through The Guild: The Designer’s Reference Book of Artists & Artisans, The Guild: The Architect’s Source of Artists and Artisans; and my web site, www. slateworks.com

My work in progress, “The Tree Planters’ Tribute,” is being created to give recognition to the people, organizations, and corporations in the profession of tree planting. The slate, measuring 10 ˝’x 5’, depicts the
process of tree planting and shows the cycle of life from seedlings to and old growth forest.


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